I’ve been a little quiet this week as I was struck with the dreaded lurgy. Ugh, even herb nerds get sick sometimes but the good news is there are lots of medicinal plants to help fix things. So I thought I’d share this particularly bad ass herbal immunity tonic called Fire Cider. It’s not all about skincare you know.

* ½ cup sliced organic fresh horseradish root
* ½ cup chopped organic white onions
* ¼ cup smashed or sliced organic garlic
* ¼ cup sliced organic ginger
* 2 organic lemons quartered
* ½ cup sliced organic turmeric
* 2 organic chilies chopped into chunks
* Raw apple cider vinegar
* Optional healing ingredients…let out your inner herbalist: Echinacea, Peppercorns, Rosehips, Cinnamon, Thyme, Rosemary

How to: 

1. Squeeze lemon juice and drop the lemons peel and all into a large mason jar.
2. Pop in your remaining ingredients.
3. Completely cover herbs with raw apple cider vinegar so the herbs sit at least 5 cms below the vinegar. If you use echinacea (as this is a root) it does swell quite a bit so you might need more room.
4. Make sure you cap with a plastic lined lid (like most jam jars and mason jars) or the vinegar will corrode the metal.
5. Shake the jar daily for 2-3 weeks and keep in a sunny or warm place.
6. Strain and discard the herbs.Stored in the fridge the vinegar will keep for many months.
7. Take 1 tablespoon daily mixed with raw honey for immunity. If the lurgy strikes take 1 tablespoon with honey 3 to 4 times a day.
8. You can also add the vinegar to salad dressings, veges and soups for a healthy immunity kick!