high-2All of our natural skincare products are made from scratch using the practices and principals of herbal medicine. There are many thousands of herbs in the world and each one that we use in our formulations has been carefully selected for its medicinal properties – whether it’s an anti-aging ninja or an acne healer. If you look at each product’s ingredients you won’t find one toxic or unpronounceable chemical but you’ll find the names of flowers, herbs, barks and fruits because nature has everything you need, if you know where to look. Each one of our products is jam-packed full of hand-crafted goodness. Every herbal infused oil takes over five hours to make and each moisturiser contains at least five or six individual oils – yep, that’s before we’ve started adding the therapeutic essential oils, herbal extracts and tinctures… So, you get the picture – it’s a whole lot of love but it’s definitely worth it.