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Facial Gift Vouchers


We now offer a signature range of  luxurious facial treatments from a holistic clinic in Paekakariki, Wellington. So why not grab a facial voucher and treat someone to a unique and innovative experience that raises the bar from standard salon treatments?

All of our holistic facials only ever use organic botanical extracts, fresh ingredients and natural ninjas, so whichever of the four luxurious facials you plump for, you’ll find it packed with all the beneficial ingredients the skin needs and nothing else.

Alternatively, you can also choose to buy a voucher for a specified dollar amount – its entirely up to you. Vouchers are available in denominations of  $20, $50, and $100 and they come in a black envelope tied up with ribbon, so they’re supper stylee too. If you’d like to include a special message just let us know in the notes section at checkout. We’ve literally covered all the bases so you’ll come out looking like a total champ. Winning.

Want to know more about our facials? Have a little read here: Holistic & Botanical Facial Brochure



Botanical Facial $130 (60mins)

This 100% natural and nutrient dense facial is jam-packed full of organic herbs, botanicals, mineral clays, hydrosols and essential oils all of which are designed to deliver a healthy serving of skin food.

The facial includes: 

  • A Rose Geranium & Blood Orange Oil Cleanse
  • An Ylang Ylang & Vetiver Foaming Hydro Cleanse
  • A Lemon Verbena & Aloe Vera Hydrate
  • A Rosehip Exfoliating Treatment
  • A Mineral Clay Mask Treatment
  • A 10 Minute Herbal Massage
  • Holistic Facialist Botanical Serum & Moisturiser

Raw Superfood Facial $150 (60mins)

In this facial you’ll find all of the good (fabulous raw & unadulterated ingredients just as mother nature intended) and none of the bad (absolutely zero preservatives and chemicals). After a short consultation we’ll plump for the ingredients that your skin craves the most, whether that’s things like the antioxidant-powerhouse Hibiscus (also known as the Botox plant), green goodies like Spirulina and Aloe Vera or anti-inflammatories like Chamomile and Turmeric. Whichever ingredients we use nothing will have been heated over 40 degrees to maintain both the phytonutrients and bioavailability of the botanical. Finally, your treatment ends with a superfood beauty shot – lemon and salt are optional.

The facial includes: 

  • A Double Oil Cleanse
  • A Lemon Verbena & Aloe Vera Hydrate
  • A Chia Seed & Aloe Vera Exfoliating Treatment
  • A Raw Superfood Fresh Mask
  • A 10 Minute Herbal Massage
  • Holistic Facialist Botanical Serum
  • The Sage Apothecary Superfood Beauty Shot

Personalised Aromatherapy Facial $160 (60mins)

Following an initial consultation we’ll tailor this aromatherapy facial to suit the needs of your skin by using our own bespoke blend of essential oils and herbs. This in-depth facial harnesses the power of plants at every stage, whether that’s in the herbal facial steam, the aromatherapy massage or the therapeutic hydrosols.

Aaaaaaand if you’re wondering what the heck a hydrosol is, they’re often referred to as the new aromatherapy. The result of the steam distillation of plant material, it’s the process used to make essential oils. When plants are steam distilled some valuable compounds that are not found in the essential oil become dissolved in the distillation water, making them a valuable addition to your face. We want you to go on experiencing the good stuff, so the first time you have this beautiful treatment we’ll also give you a Lava & Natural Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet worth $25, all charged up with your personalised essential oil blend – gratis.

The facial includes: 

  • A Tailored Aromatherapy Essential Oil Cleanse
  • An Ylang Ylang & Vetiver Foaming Hydro Cleanse
  • An Aromatherapy Hydrosol Treatment
  • A Rosehip Exfoliating Treatment
  • An Organic Herbal & Botanical Face Steam
  • A Mineral Clay Mask Treatment
  • A 10 Minute Tailored Essential Oil Massage
  • Holistic Facialist Botanical Serum
  • A Tailored Essential Oil Inhalation
  • A Lava & Natural Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet (RRP $25)

Holistic Bespoke Facial $170–$185 (75mins for the initial treatment and then 60mins thereafter)

The full 360 baby! Prior to this Holistic Bespoke Facial, we’ll send you an online skin health and wellness diagnostic to complete. Then while you’re here we’ll take a look at those diet, lifestyle and environmental factors that are more than likely affecting your skin.

The facial includes: 

  • An Online Skin Health & Wellness Diagnostic
  • In-depth 360 Consultation & Organic Hebal Tea Blend
  • A Rose Geranium & Blood Orange Oil Cleanse
  • An Ylang Ylang & Vetiver Foaming Hydro Cleanse
  • A Bespoke Aromatherapy Hydrosol Treatment
  • A Bespoke Exfoliating Treatment
  • A Bespoke Organic Herbal & Botanical Face Steam
  • A Bespoke Mineral Clay, Herbal Powder & Tea Mask
  • A 10 Minute Bespoke Essential Oil Massage
  • The Sage Apothecary Bespoke ‘What’s In It For Me?’ Botanical Serum
  • A 5ml ‘What’s In It For Me?’ Serum (RRP $35)


  • Remember to use your voucher before its expiry date (within 3 months of purchase) and keep it nice and safe like cash.
  • We can’t replace lost or stolen cards and you’ll need to bring your voucher along on the day to redeem your facial loveliness.
  • Unused balance will not be returned as cash but another voucher can be issued for the remaining balance with the original voucher’s expiry date.
  • Vouchers are non refundable and can be used at our clinic location in Paekakariki, Wellington.

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All Skin Types, Dry & Mature, Normal & Combination, Oily & Problem, Sensitive, Vegan, Young/Teenage


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